Maxime d’Angeac, the romantic combattant

Maxime is passionate about the Italian Renaissance and Palladian architecture, he is obsessed by perfect volumetry and the splendour of palaces without artifice. To these passions are added a love of old books, treatises on architecture.

Architect, Maxime d’Angeac began his career with the creation of scenography with Hilton McConnico on staging for Daum and Hermès. Ever since founding his own agency twenty years’ ago he has continually approached his work giving priority to the plan, to which is added work on light and a concern for details. “I am not an architect offering made-to-measure, rather I work in step with my clients”. Maxime knows how to take risks whilst reassuring, and refusing any kind of decorative demonstration: “I believe it to be more interesting to create places to live in rather than decors”.

For his projects he manages everything from A to Z, from the drawing through to the purchase of works of art. “In this business, combat and romanticism combine. The combat to overcome both technical specifications and the whims of clients; romanticism to retain the dream, the artistic aspect”.

And this architect knows something about combat: he is a brown belt in krav-maga, the Mossad self-defence technique. A salutary duality found both in the creation of a private home and in the building of a surgical wing at the American Hospital.

Serge Gleize