Mission to make safe, create the EDS Espace Diagnostique Santé department used by numerous businessmen, renovate and bring up to current standards the Maternity wing and the Radiology and Scanner Department, creation of guidelines to make the building safe and comply with standards required by the Town Hall, closure of the operating theatre wing and creation of the new operating theatre wing (6 rooms) and a recovery room, creation of prototype rooms and creation of the new A&E department.

Prolific collaboration between an innovative director and a curious architect, the creation of an ultramodern cutting-edge Maquet surgical wing has gained worldwide renown. Yet the transformation was far from easy in view of the drastic standards imposed (both French and American) and the technical demands of certain operating theatres (particularly cardiac), as well as a floorplan with many passages which, whilst preserving the flow of movements, enabled the containment and circumscription of microbes.

The A&E department was also a challenge, some of the columns in the main building had to be removed to allow for ambulance traffic, whilst leaving in this same building the possibility of performing x-rays and other precise measurements… Then a practical, friendly and ultra-modern department had to be created, something that had not existed for many years, and all of this in record time as usual – 6 months.



Hôpital américain

Maîtrise d’œuvre

Maxime d’Angeac architecte

Type of property

Private hospital


Neuilly-sur-Seine, France


The entire hospital

Date of work

2000 – 2003